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Colophon 2007

The first gathering of its kind, Colophon 2007 brought together more than 2,000 people from 25 countries to enjoy a variety of exhibitions and events.

Ten magazines were invited to re-imagine rooms in a centrally located gallery into three dimensional retellings of their publications: Romanian publication Omagiu built a secret-police interrogation room; Yummy (France) covered the walls with obscure Japanese candy; Shift! (Germany) created an interactive workshop space while Carl*s Cars (Norway) planted flowers inside discarded tyres.

Elsewhere, in the basement was a Magazine Graveyard for deceased publications, while outside the building, a typography magazine called Slanted (Germany) invited people into their caravan to create unique souvenirs.

Upstairs in the auditorium, more than 24 hours of talks took place over the weekend, including three panel discussions, eight keynotes and 15 portfolio shows, while in the cafeteria, The Room With a View pop-up store sold more than 90 different magazines (another 4,500 copies of more than 70 publications were distributed free as well).

Workshops were run at the event for students from the FH Trief Design course and the LT des Beaux-Arts Luxembourg universities, as well for kids aged 6-12 years old. A magazine, Colophound, was created by attendees - not to mention the parties, the encounters, the creative collaborations and the connections made at this uniquely friendly and inspiring event.

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thank you Colophon!, it was nice having free sushi in the basement.

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