YourPhone / Your Phone

Your Phone The idea here is to open a door between this website and your phone.

  • This website is interested in your point of view.


  1. Access this website from your mobile device
  2. Choose your "phone"group, any public phone will do.
  3. Once inside the "phone group" Click on phone icon and use "myphone" as password.
  4. Choose an existing file from your phoneor take a picture. Then click upload. Page will populate.
  5. If you desire a private phone ask in the real world.


Extra infos you may need

  1. Despite the title, there is no way for us to access to any of your phone data, you can safely upload images here.
  2. Any information about Members, if disclosed, is disclosed throug their own pictures, by their own will.
  3. If you own a "phone" you are a Member, if you post on any "phone" you are a Member.
  4. We do not host directly this website and we have no control on webservers. By saying "this site" we mean "this software".
  5. Inconvenient or offensive material will be deleted or displaced by Phone-Admin.
  6. In this area users can ask for their pages to be password protected.
  7. NSFW and "seizure triggering" profiles should be signaled in advance for a safer browsing experience, ask admin.
  8. In this area content is NOT moderated, please behave.
  9. Members can manage more than one profile, one profile can be managed by multiple user. Unused phone channels (0 pics) will be destroyed in 2 years.
  10. Members can ask for a personal profile or use a collective one. Members should always be able to manage their own files (deleting and downloading originals.)
  11. Some "phone" has a specific password for reading or uploading. "myphone" is a general password and allows you to post on any open "phone".
  12. You define how a profile should be, or work.